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Project description

New technologies do change our social – economic everyday life by making considerable impact on its quality. The healthcare in the meantime is becoming more and more dependent on information and communication technologies (hereafter - ICTs), which enable the development of high quality healthcare services. The Programme on the Development of eHealth System of the Republic of Lithuania for 2009 – 2015 was prepared to balance the existing and new possibilities of ICT implementation, national as well as global perspectives and trends and the needs of healthcare sector within the both short and long term perspectives and in a way enabling an evolutionary development of the Lithuanian eHealth system with constant attention to the quality of healthcare services.

For achieving planned changes in relation to social and economic developments, an important role in the delivery of services in the public and private sectors is played by well-developed and accessible-to-all ICT infrastructure and the possibilities offered by an easier way of information exchange. IT solutions do open wide possibilities for improving management of complex structures and multi-level administration, to safe time of personnel and the patients and to simplify and optimise the delivery of statistical and accounting reports. IT-enabled fast and safe information exchange do create the conditions for an easier communication between the institutions and countries, to receive a second opinion and fast exchange of verbal or visual information. All these aspects are very important in the process of the delivery of healthcare services or management of healthcare organisations.

Globalisation, the need of cooperation between the countries and their healthcare institutions, fast development of science and innovations in various fields, the spread of ICTs and the needs for more and better quality healthcare services were among the main reasons for the researchers‘ interest in the development of e-Health projects. Management of the electronic provision of health services ensures wider accessibility and continuity of healthcare services through a common access to information data bases of the public sector, such as electronic healthcare record, registers and classifiers.

The following scientific and practical questions will be researched in the Project:

-       What makes the process of eHealth development more effective?

-       What role stakeholders (shall) play in relation to the development and implementation of the national eHealth system?

-       What are the main conditions and obstacles for innovations and sustainability in the delivery of healthcare services?

-       What are the main challenges for eHealth development in Lithuania within the short and long term perspectives?

As a result, the Project will develop and test an integrated eHealth implementation platform, which will enable to include all stakeholder groups necessary to be involved in the process of eHealth development and implementation and contributing to the innovation and sustainability in the healthcare system.

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Nr. VP1-3.1-ŠMM-07-K-02-029 is funded by the European Social Fund under the Global Grant measure.